The Basketball Scorekeeper for Rec Leagues

Ditch the paper-and-pencil and run your league like a pro.

Scores, standings, stats automatically compiled for all teams and players

Easily configured to track everything you want, nothing you don't

Casts games to TVs for an automated, hi-tech scoreboard

Works on any device: iOS/Android, desktop, tablet, phone

Custom widgets for your website

Hard to read

Advanced stats

Tracked and compiled automatically for every game, every team, every player.

League Spotlight:

The Loot

Josh uses Legends of Rec to save time and wow the players in his multi-division league.

Simple Setup

Get started in minutes with simple, straightforward settings.

Scoreboard Mode

Turn any old monitor or TV into a hi-tech scoreboard.

Case Study:

Los Gatos Parks & Rec

Watch Sara describe how easy it was to upgrade her league with Legends of Rec.

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We take pride in crafting unique solutions that save you time and provide immense value to your teams. No request is too big or too small.

I have heard nothing but positive feedback from the teams in my league regarding Legends of Rec. There are teams that will continue to hang out at a restaurant after their game and watch the live feed from their phones to see how well the other teams in the league are doing that night...The app is user friendly and all staff have found it easy to pick up and use.

D.C. Lawson-Thomas

Sports Supervisor Santa Cruz Parks & Rec

I’m not even tech savvy, but all you need to know is the game and anybody can use this.


It’s a lot easier than writing things down!


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